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Before we call ourselves as experts in music mixing and production, all of us started as novice. Our main goal here in Tweak music is to give you a top quality mixing services. Those hardships that you are experiencing through right now? We’ve been there, that’s why we’re here to offer you help in order to make your work much easier that you could ever imagine.

We’ve been in this professional mixing and mastering for a couple of years now and have dealt with a lot of clients just like you. We have offered them a top quality service ensuring that all their queries are answered thoroughly. We’re not just your average music engineer, we are also businessmen that’s why a good reputation is important to us. You don’t even have to worry about a single thing because we already know what needs to be done, all you have to do is tell us what you want.

In order to process your order for our mixing services, all you have to do is sign up and use our mixing uploader, once the upload is complete we will be notified, you also don’t have to worry because we assure you that our uploader is secured. You can also include notes along with your upload in case you have specific things done on your mix. We will also notify you via email, skype or phone in case issues arise.

Here at Tweak music, we can also assure you that whatever genre you want in your mix, your music engineer can do it for you. We’ve done all types of mixing from rock n roll to classical, this is not an issue for us because we love all types of music.

You must be aware that we will ask you to remove all the effects and pan in order for your music engineer to have control over the mix. You have to transfer the tract from bar 0 to the end so that it can be dropped on the engineer’s software. The main goal of mixing services is to help you make your produced song sound like your favorite artist. If any of the things mentioned above caused any confusion for you, worry not for these things are thoroughly explained before you even press the upload button.

A lot of clients may have a lot of order such as fixing the timing problems, pitch correction and some radio edit. All of these can be done without hassle since everything will be discussed before we start the project in order to avoid further issues. Some clients would prefer their order to include some mastering and this is done by our chief mastering engineer.

In order to give you the best services that we could offer, we make sure that you will be given a well experienced engineer to work for you. There will be 2 sets of music engineer working on your project, one mastered in mixing and the other one a well experienced mastering engineer. We can guarantee that we can give you the best out of your tract.

Tweak music offers services to a lot of people, from home based producers to high end artists and film companies. When it comes to the mixing process, everything will be schedule because we are working on projects every day from Monday to Saturday. If the order is urgent, it takes up 1 day depending on the project but usually it takes 2-4 days.

You can also check out our rates in case you have some additional services to be included. Make sure that you inform us ahead of time before we start on your project on how you want things to be done on your tract. In case you want to make some changes in your tract, that is not a problem at all! We can always communicate through email or skype or even phone to make sure that everything you want is heard. The good thing about our online service is that we set a rule or 3 free revisions until you are satisfied with our work.

We offer a professional mastering and if you want your music to have more than just an amateur mastering, we can guarantee that we can give it to you. It is our pride to have one of the best mastering engineers and in order to avoid disappointments, we offer free demonstrations to let your hear what kind of music that we do.